ESR11 - Underwater robotics methods for fish hydrodynamics field measurements

Host Institution: TALTECH - Tallinn University of Technology

The project will involves developing advanced bioinspired underwater sensors. The devices use pressure and inertial measurement sensors, and are based on the fish’s sensory system. They are stealthy, passive and can detect and classify complex underwater environments.  The focus of this project will be to address two major research questions: (1) How can we use pressure and inertial sensors to study the information content of turbulent flows? (2) How can we use data from fish-like sensors in different types of flows (e.g. laboratory flume vs. river) to predict real fish behaviour? 

Secondment period (to be confirmed): Expected duration: 4 months; Hosting institutions: FVT (Fiskevårdsteknik i Sverige AB - Lund, Sweden), UNIABDN (University of Aberdeen - Aberdeen, UK)

Work package

Early Stages Researcher