Tallinn University of Technology (TALTECH) was established in 1918 when the Estonian Engineering Society began to provide special engineering courses in the German-occupied Estonia, and to date it offers a modern and compact campus belonging to the world’s best, an up-to-date infrastructure required for international studies and research, and one of the most modern research libraries in Europe. The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), with its almost 50 years of history, is the largest ICT research and tertiary education institution in Estonia and the only one in the areas of computer systems hardware, electronics and telecommunications. FIT plays a decisive role in Estonian economy providing education and training for software, system, computer, electronics and telecommunication engineers as well as information management engineers (12 different study programs at all three level of higher education). Increasing integration of education, research and business activities and FIT has seen considerable efforts by collaborating widely with governing and organizations of the Estonian industrial enterprises. The faculty has more than 2400 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 150 staff members, divided into 6 departments and one research centre.