ESR09 - Data analysis methods for the evaluation of fish migration paths

Host Institution: SJE - SJE Ecohyrdaulic Engineering GmbH (PhD at Ghent University)

The project will focus on new methodologies for the analysis of fish tracking data. The main objectives are: (1) to evaluate standardized fish telemetry data; (2) to improve spatial and temporal analysis of fish migration; (3) to analyse fish behaviour in the environment of fish barriers. The following activities will be carried out: Research on literature dealing with movements of migrating fish and impact parameters; familiarization with tools and methods used to analyze fish habitats and migration behavior; analysis of telemetry data and correlation with hydraulics, morphology; development and implementation of methods for the analysis and visualization of fish tracks and the prediction of fish movement; development and implementation of methods for the assessment of fish migration facilities and their mitigation.

Secondment period (to be confirmed): Expected duration: 8 months; Hosting institutions: UGENT (Ghent University - Ghent, Belgium - 6 months Doctoral training on aquatic ecology and ecological modelling to attain the degree), TALTECH (University of Tallin - Tallin, Estonia)

Work package

Early Stages Researcher