ESR08 - Swimming efficiency of small-sized migratory fish species: the role of turbulence and water temperature

Host Institution: POLITO - Politecnico di Torino

The project will focus on the assessment of swimming performance of migratory fish species. In particular, the role of flow velocity, turbulence, and water temperature will be investigated. Specific field-based experiments will be designed and carried out thanks to a four-wheel-drive van with a fully equipped moving laboratory (namely MovingLab). Swimming performance tests will be carried out directly in the field using an innovative portable flume that allows for optimally controlled conditions while running experiments. Effects of water temperature and turbulence on small-sized fish species swimming performance will be therefore identified and isolated. Expected results will include: (1) experimental protocol and performance of systematic studies on small-sized migratory fish species; (2) scaling relations quantifying the "swimmability" of a flow at different temperature and turbulence levels

Secondment period (to be confirmed): Expected duration: 4 months; Hosting institutions: IREN (IREN Energia SpA - Torino, Italy), IGB (Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries - Berlin, Germany)

Work package

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