Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), founded in 1906 from the roots of the Technical School for Engineers created in 1859, has a long-standing tradition of leadership of polytechnic culture. It is one of the most important universities in Europe for engineering and architecture studies, strongly committed to collaboration with industry. The Politecnico offers excellence in technology and promotes the ability to carry out theoretical or applied research and also the capacity to achieve concrete and reliable productive processes or organise services and facilities. The range of studies is broad and ever-widening: it spans space, environment and land, telecommunications, information, energy, mechanics, electronics, chemistry, automation, industrial design, architecture and building: very different subjects requiring different study methods as well as inventiveness. The Politecnico has close relationships with international institutions, companies, local government and other types of association and takes social and economic consideration into account. The Politecnico Business Research Centre, within the Campus, is the place dedicated to cooperation between the Politecnico and industries. With more than 400 bilateral international agreements and 100 double degree agreements, Politecnico has links with the most prestigious Universities in Europe. Moreover Politecnico is part of some of the major European interuniversity networks, such as CESAER, CLUSTER, EUA, Sefi, T.I.M.E. The participation to many international projects allows Politecnico to count on a great experience, both as coordinator and partner. The Research Department has been involved in the management of EU RTD projects since 1995. In 2018 Politecnico is ranked as the 33th University in the world in the field of Engineering and Technology (by faculty) and ranked as the 1st one in the Graduate Employability Ranking 2017. In 2005 POLITO was one of the first institutions to endorse the “European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers”; in November 2013 the European Commission awarded the 'HR Excellence in Research' logo to Politecnico di Torino, remarking the strong commitment in the implementation of the principles of the Charter and Code aimed at creating a high quality academic environment where researchers and students from all over the world can study, work and collaborate on innovative and challenging projects.