ESR03 - Quantification of habitat alterations on the fish community

Host Institution: KAU - Karlstad University

Location: Karlstad (Sweden)

Doctoral degree: PhD in Biology at Karlstad University.

The Doctoral progamme has a duration of 4 years (3 years funded by RIBES project, 1 year by Karlstad University)

Job description: The project will use ‘habitat’ as a metric to evaluate the impact of river alterations on fish. The objectives are (1) to use habitat as a metric in design of river restoration, (2) to quantify the impact of river alterations on fish, (3) to evaluate restoration alternatives with accurate metrics. The candidate will take the lead of ecological modelling aspects of WP1, which will form the core business of his/her research training. Initially the project involves field studies of hydro-morphological features of pristine streams in Sweden and GIS-based habitat suitability models. The GIS-based habitat suitability models will include environmental variables to introduce landscape ecological concepts and develop a habitat model, which considers a habitat spatial index. In the later phase of the action he/she will cooperate with ESR01 and ESR04 to incorporate behavioural rules and biological variables into habitat suitability models. The successful candidate will thereby use a novel modelling approach for linking landscape, habitat and fish behavior to fish migration and river rehabilitations scenarios. 

Workplace: The candidate will join the River Ecology and Management Research Group (RivEM), a research environment within the Department of Environmental and Life Sciences at Karlstad University, which conducts both basic and applied research in and along rivers and lakes and their surrounding landscapes. Areas of research addressed by RivEM include river connectivity and the effects of hydropower, aquatic-terrestrial interactions and habitats, winter ecology under global climate change, endangered species, conservation biology and socialecological research relating to river regulation and recreational fishing.

Secondment period (to be confirmed): Expected duration: 7 months; Hosting institutions: POLITO (Politecnico di Torino - Torino, Italy), IREN (IREN Energia SpA - Torino, Italy), SJE (SJE Ecohyrdaulic Engineering GmbH - Stuttgart, Germany)

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Contact person(s): 

Lovisa Lind

Eva Bergman

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