Karlstad University (KAU) is located on one campus offering a modern and stimulating environment. The architecturally inspiring library lies at the heart of the campus providing a much appreciated study environment for about 16,000 students. In 2009, a new exciting building, Vänern, was inaugurated which reflects high ambitions for education and research. Karlstad University offers approximately 40 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 30 Master’s level degree programmes and 900 courses in the humanities and fine arts, social and economic sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology, health care and teacher training. At present, several master programmes and more than 100 courses are offered in English. While at the University most students have regular contacts with prospective employers, via a mentor or a company that is involved in their study programme. After they have completed their studies, the alumni organisation provides them with good opportunities to network with other professionals and maintain contact with fellow students. Research has grown rapidly in recent years. To meet future demands for sustainable development, much research is multidisciplinary and the ambition is to further develop leading research fields.