ESR15: Velizara Stoilova

This week, also Velizara Stoilova joined the RIBES European Training Network as one of our early stage researchers (ESR). 

Velizara Stoilova will be hosted by Norconsult, Sweden and at the same time pursue a PhD at Karlstad University while working on designing new guidance devices to support downstream migrating fish. She will be supervised by Axel Emanuelsson, Petter Norén and Jonas Person at Norconsult, and by Larry Greenberg, Ann Erlandsson, and John Piccolo at Karlstad University.

Velizara Stoilova, originally from Bulgaria, completed her undergraduate studies and a master in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Queen’s University, Belfast. Her studies have involved research on aggressive displays in cichlids as well as bats ability to detect polarized light. She has also worked on cetacean behavioural observations in the field.

Read more about her upcoming research here: 

Published on: 18/09/2020