Norconsult (NOAB) is one of the leading consultancy companies in Northern Europe and the headquarter is located in Sandvika outside Oslo. The company has 2900 employees and operations are managed by 51 offices throughout Norway and through subsidiaries in Sweden and Denmark. In addition, Norconsult has subsidiaries in Africa (South Africa and Mozambique), Asia (Philippines, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia) and South America (Chile and Peru). Norconsult is engaged in all aspects of development, from initial concepts to master plans, engineering and operational support, and it is frequently contracted as experts of fish passage design, hydraulic modelling, dam safety and feasibility studies, and they have access to a large number of sites where investigations on fish behaviour and fish passage can be carried out. They are closely connected to the hydropower company Mälarenergi that are willing to support the project with additional study sites and expertise appropriate for the questions addressed in the project. NOAB is also carrying out several projects in the River Klarälven in collaboration with Karlstad University and Fortum hydro, and so there are many fish passage related activities in which the fellow will be involved and in some cases even lead.