Norconsult (NOAB) is the Swedish part of a Norwegian international consultancy company with 6400 employees worldwide in a variety of fields. Norconsult is one of the leading consultant companies within the field of hydropower in Sweden and Norway, with projects all over the world.

Norconsult is engaged in all aspects of development of hydropower, from initial concepts to master plans, hydraulic modelling, dam construction, dam safety and measures for environmental adaptation.

Norconsult is frequently contracted as experts of fish passage design, and have access to a large number of sites where investigation on fish behavior and fish passage can be carried out. Norconsult are closely connected to a variety of hydropower companies in Sweden and Norway that are willing to support the project with additional study sites and expertise appropriate for the questions addressed in the project. Multiple fish screens of the latest technology that Norconsult has designed have been taken into operation during the last year and more will follow in the coming years. Hence, there are many fish passage related activities in which the fellow will be involved and in some cases even lead.