ESR09: Rachel Mawer

This week, Rachel Mawer joined the RIBES European Training Network as one of the ESRs (early stage researchers).

Rachel Mawer will work on data analysis methods for the evaluation of fish migration paths in regulated rivers at SJE Ecohydraulic Engineering in Germany, supervised by Matthias Schneider and Ianina Kopecki. The position also includes obtaining a PhD at Ghent University, Belgium, under the supervision of Peter Goethals.

Rachel Mawer is an aquatic biologist from the United Kingdom. She recently completed a master degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology at University of Glasgow. Her studies included a master thesis titled “Telemetry as a tool to inform and assess marine protected areas for mobile species” as well as work on theScottish Natural Heritage.

Read more about her upcoming research here:

Published on: 17/09/2020