Ghent University (UGENT) is a top 100 university founded in 1817 and one of the major universities in the Dutch-speaking region of Europe. Its 11 faculties offer a wide range of courses and conduct in-depth research in both exact and social sciences. The Institute consists of 11 faculties and more than 120 faculty departments. These departments offer more than 230 high-quality courses in every one of their scientific disciplines, each inspired by innovative research, and a broad range of facilities and support services on which international students and staff can rely during their time at the university. The involved department of Animal Sciences and Aquatic Ecology is one of the key responsibles for the global very high ranking of the Ghent University related to research in the field of Animal Science. In addition to research, also education and education innovation (E-learning, MOOCS) is a key activity, as well as research in support of government decision-making and policy-development.