RIBES 3rd Network School

RIBES 3rd Network School has just finished. It has been an intense week of lectures, presentations and workshops organized by Ghent University over Zoom. 

RIBES Open Lecture: The high-throughput revolution in movement ecology

In relation to the upcoming RIBES Network School 3, Professor Ran Nathan from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will give an open keynote lecture titled "The high-throughput revolution in movement ecology". The lecture will be given on Tuesday 8 February 2022, 17-18h (CET) over zoom. 

Stress and fish in Italy

RIBES early stage researcher Sophia Schumann from the University of Padova is, among several other tiopics on fish and stress, working on biomonitoring PFAS contamination in the Veneto region. 

RIBES Public Lecture - Fish in turbulent flow

As part of RIBES 2nd Network School, Christos Katopodis will give an online public lecture on the topic of "Fish in turbulent flow". The lecture wiil be given on 21 September at 18:00 (CEST) and is open for anyone interested upon registration.

Gloria Mozzi's RIBES story

Gloria Mozzi is a mechanical engineer and a hydrogeologist, and a RIBES early stage researcher hosted by Politecnico di Torino. Within RIBES she studies collective behaviour, particularly the school's structure and group swimming performances in different hydrodynamic environments. Here she writes about her background and current work. 

My RIBES story: Jelger Elings

Jelger Elings is a biologist and a RIBES early stage researcher. He is hosted by the Ghent University and his project is focused on fish behaviour in the vicinity of hydropower installations and the accompanying fishways.. Here he writes about his background and current work. 

My RIBES story: Miriam Castagna

Miriam Castagna is an environmental engineer and RIBES early stage researcher. She is hosted by the University of Aberdeen and her project aim is to explore and to advance knowledge about fish-flow interactions by visualization of the fluid velocity field surrounding a swimming fish. Here she writes about her background and current work. 

My RIBES story: James Campbell

James Campbell is a biologist with a strong background in bioinformatics. As RIBES early stage researcherhe is exploring effects of artificial light on migrating fish. Here he writes about his background and his current project.  

Alfredo Schiavon's RIBES story

Alfredo Schiavon is a biologist and an early stage researcher in the RIBES network. He is hosted by Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries and pursue a Phd at the Free University of Berlin. In his research, he wants to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions between biota and flow dynamics in rivers, and will focus on the hydrodynamics of fish habitats and their implications for fish behavior. Here he writes about his background, and his place in RIBES. 

My RIBES story: Marcelo Ruiz

Marcelo Ruiz is a Civil Engineer, PhD student at University of Padova and an early stage researcher in the RIBES network. His work is focusing on the analysis of fish behavior driven by hydrodynamic variables at hydraulic structures. Here he writes about his background and and his place in RIBES.