My RIBES story: Miriam Castagna

Miriam Castagna is an environmental engineer and RIBES early stage researcher. She is hosted by the University of Aberdeen and her project aim is to explore and to advance knowledge about fish-flow interactions by visualization of the fluid velocity field surrounding a swimming fish. Here she writes about her background and current work. 

My RIBES story: James Campbell

James Campbell is a biologist with a strong background in bioinformatics. As RIBES early stage researcherhe is exploring effects of artificial light on migrating fish. Here he writes about his background and his current project.  

Alfredo Schiavon's RIBES story

Alfredo Schiavon is a biologist and an early stage researcher in the RIBES network. He is hosted by Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries and pursue a Phd at the Free University of Berlin. In his research, he wants to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions between biota and flow dynamics in rivers, and will focus on the hydrodynamics of fish habitats and their implications for fish behavior. Here he writes about his background, and his place in RIBES. 

My RIBES story: Marcelo Ruiz

Marcelo Ruiz is a Civil Engineer, PhD student at University of Padova and an early stage researcher in the RIBES network. His work is focusing on the analysis of fish behavior driven by hydrodynamic variables at hydraulic structures. Here he writes about his background and and his place in RIBES.

Philip Ericssons RIBES story

Philip Ericsson is a PhD-student at University of Southampton and a RIBES Early Stage Researcher. His research project is focused on how fish behavior and physiology respond to varying acoustic and hydrodynamic conditions. Here he writes about his background, including work on fish in both United States and Sweden, and his current place in RIBES. 

Usama Ashrafs RIBES story

Usama Ashraf is a PhD-student at Politecnico di Torino, and one of the early stage researchers in the RIBES network. He is an engineer working on fish kinematics to provide explanations and innovative solutions for the fish passage design zeroing in on upstream migrating freshwater fishes. Here he writes about how he ended up in the RIBES project and some of his place and plans within it. 

Sophia Schumanns RIBES story

Sophia Schumann is a RIBES early stage researcher and a PhD-student at the University of Padova. In her research project, she will establish physiological indicators, which provide information about the stress response in riverine fish.

ESR12: Luocheng Wu

We are happy to announce that Luocheng Wu has joined the RIBES European Training Network as one of our ESR early stage researchers (ESR) this week. He is the 15th and last ESR recruited to the Training Network.

Henry Hansen's RIBES story

Henry Hansen is an early stage researcher within the RIBES network and is pursuing a PhD at Karlstad University, Sweden. He will be using Bayesian statistical methods to develop models that link different river management scenarios to outcomes affecting fish communities and the habitat they depend on. Here he tells more about his background and the research group he is part of. 

Ali Hassan Khan: His RIBES Story

Ali Hassan Khan was the first Early Stage Researcher recruited to the RIBES European Training Network. He works at the centre for Biorobotics in the Environmental Sensing and Intelligence group at Tallin Technical University, and his objectives are to create high-resolution CFD models of full-scale replicas of eight different fish species. These models will aid in investigating how different fish body shapes impact their sensing extent. Here he tells about his background, and his research and expectations within RIBES.