Stress and fish in Italy

RIBES early stage researcher Sophia Schumann from the University of Padova is, among several other tiopics on fish and stress, working on biomonitoring PFAS contamination in the Veneto region. Chemical pollution was tested using a multi-biomarker approach to study possible adaptations of a benthivorous and a potamodromous fish species. The chronic and acute stress response was assessed to evaluate the possible health impact.

In Sophias research project, she aims to find suitable biomarkers to evaluate anthropogenic impact. Read more about her project her.

Blood sampling chub (Squalius cephalus), a potamodromous fish species found in slow and moderate flowing rivers.

Padogobius bonelli sampled in Roggia Moneghina in Grumolo delle Abbadesse. ‘Roggia’ is an Italian term that indicates an artificial canal of modest capacity used mainly for irrigation.

Taking blood samples from small fish is challenging (in the picture: Padogobius bonelli).

Published on: 24/11/2021