RIBES Public Lecture - Fish in turbulent flow

As part of RIBES 2nd Network School Christos Katopodis will give an online public lecture on the topic of "Fish in turbulent flow". 


Abstract for the lecture: Fish moving upstream or downstream to fulfil their life cycle requirements encounter mostly turbulent flows, especially in rivers and water infrastructure. Fish, as masters of transport in water, present a formidable test to our understanding of how they respond to turbulent flow.  At the same time, the complex physics of turbulence challenge our knowledge despite advances over time. Yet fish tests in laboratory or field studies have generated some quantitative results which have practical fish passage applications. Not surprisingly, such studies point to parameters which scale with fish size and include swimming performance abilities and complex hydrodynamics which at times can be stressful. Navigating flows at different levels of turbulence intensity, shear stress, turbulent kinetic energy, momentum, and vorticity, or various sizes of eddies is challenging for fish, as well as our ability to comprehend and analyse such phenomena. Geometric similarity, hydrodynamic scaling from small physical models to large prototypes, as well as allometric relationships between fish morphology and size, are powerful tools to expand our knowledge horizon. Well-integrated ecohydraulic analyses, which critically examine fish responses utilizing ecological and biological inferences as well as turbulent flow physics, are productive endeavours which frequently offer knowledge-based elegant solutions.

Published on: 14/09/2021