ESR01: Philip Ericsson

We’re happy to greet Philip Ericsson welcome to the RIBES European Training Network. Last week, he joined the network as one of our early stage researchers (ESR).

Philip Ericsson is hosted by University of Southampton, UK, and will work on quantification of fish responses to multimodal signals, including acoustics and hydrodynamics. He will be supervised by Paul Kemp and Paul White.

Philip Ericsson has a master’s degree in biology, with a specialization in Aquatic Ecology, from Lund University, Sweden. His master thesis examined the influence of personality on competitive success and predation susceptibility in the invasive round goby. He has also practical river ecology experience from Karlstad University and Washing State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Read more about his upcoming research here:

Published on: 10/11/2020